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 CancerMail was last revised: February 2, 1998. 

CancerMail is a quick and easy way to obtain, through electronic mail, cancer information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). CancerMail lets you request information statements from the NCI's PDQ database, NCI fact sheets on various topics, and citations and abstracts on selected topics from the CANCERLIT database. Selected information is available in Spanish. You can access CancerMail through a number of different networks including BITNET and Internet. There is no charge for the service unless your local computer center or Internet provider charges for use of e-mail. This Contents List changes at the beginning of each month as new information is included. Request the document cn-400000 for a listing of the items that were added and changed in CancerMail with the last update. CancerMail is an automated system that reads standardized requests and then returns the requested information via electronic mail. CancerMail cannot respond to requests for information that are not found in the system, such as lists of clinical trials. For CancerMail assistance/comment:  

Content questions: cnet-comment@icicc.nci.nih.gov

Technical assistance: cheryl@icicc.nci.nih.gov


1. Address your mail message to:  cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


 Address all requests to cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov

 CancerMail responds to your requests based on the address to which they are sent. If you use the reply function of your e-mail, your request will NOT be properly processed by CancerMail.  [If you are not on Internet, you may have to change the format of the address. Consult with your systems manager for the correct address format.]

 2. In the body of the message:

 Enter the CancerMail ID from the Contents List for the desired information. If you need the updated contents list, enter the word "help" in the body of the message ("spanish" if you want the Spanish contents list). If you want more than one piece of information, enter the code for each piece of information on a separate line within the message. Your request must be in the BODY of the message, not the subject line. You can type a subject for your message if you wish, but CancerMail will not read it.  

Examples: To receive the PDQ breast cancer statement for health professionals:

 To: cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


cn-100013 <this is the body of the message..>

 To receive the same statement in Spanish:

 To: cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


cs-100013 <this is the body of the message..>

 To receive two PDQ patient information statements, one on colon

cancer and another on gastric cancer:

 To: cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


cn-200008 <this is the body of the message..>


 To receive an updated contents list (this list):

 To: cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


help <this is the body of the message..>

 To receive a contents list for Spanish CancerMail:

 To: cancermail@icicc.nci.nih.gov


spanish <this is the body of the message..>

 3. End your message. If you requested multiple items within a single request, each item will be returned to you in a separate message. It takes about 10 minutes for you to receive your information, although delays in connections across the Internet may cause you to receive your request later.  

WARNING: Individual statements may exceed 100K and some mail systems are limited in the size of the mail messages a user can receive. Mail systems with size limits may split long messages into multiple parts. Other such systems may simply truncate or reject the mail message without warning. Please check your mail and storage capacity prior to submitting requests. If you do not receive a footer outlined with ***** and a date last modified at the end of your document, the message may have been truncated by your mail system. Contact your local mail administrator about increasing the size limit for mail if you experience problems with truncation or rejection of messages.   The information in CancerMail is updated monthly, and many items change from one month to the next. See the file "monthly PDQ statement changes"(cn-405001) for a detailed accounting of the actual changes made to the PDQ Statements with the last update. If you would like to be notified via electronic mail when CancerMail is updated each month, send a message to CancerMail with the word "subscribe" or "subs" in the body of the message. CancerMail will then send you a message each month telling you what has been updated. [To cancel this service, send a message to CancerMail with the word "unsubscribe" or "unsubs" in the body of the message.]



++ CancerMail Mail Service Contents List ++


 PDQ Summary List, which includes:

PDQ Treatment Summaries for Health Professionals

PDQ Treatment Summaries for Patients

PDQ Supportive Care Summaries

PDQ Cancer Screening/Prevention Summaries

PDQ Drug Information Summaries

News Bulletins, Press Releases, and Fact Sheets

Publication Information

CANCERLIT Citations and Abstracts

 Changes to CancerMail. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . cn-400000


Summaries from the PDQ Database


 The following lists information summaries from the NCI's PDQ database. PDQ information is reviewed regularly by members of the PDQ Editorial Boards, and many summaries change from one month to the next. Request document cn-405001 for details of changes made to the summaries with the last CancerMail update.  All of the treatment and supportive care summaries are also available in Spanish, as are selected news items. If you would like a statement in Spanish, substitute the prefix "cs-" in front of the number (e.g., cs-100022) to receive the statement on anal cancer in Spanish). Although both the English and Spanish summaries are updated at the same time each month, the Spanish summaries do not reflect the changes made in the English summaries until the following month (to allow time for translation).




PDQ DISEASE TOPICS Professional Patient


 Adrenocortical carcinoma

Treatment cn-101198 cn-201198

AIDS-related lymphoma

Treatment cn-103779 cn-203779

Anal cancer

Treatment cn-100022 cn-200022

Bile duct cancer, extrahepatic

Treatment cn-101191 cn-201191

Bladder cancer

Treatment cn-101206 cn-201206

Brain cancer, metastatic to (brain metastases)

Treatment cn-103854

Brain cancer, adult

Treatment cn-101143 cn-201143

Brain cancer, childhood (not covered below)

Treatment cn-100047 cn-200047

Brain cancer, cerebellar astrocytoma, childhood

Treatment cn-100289 cn-200289

Brain cancer, cerebral astrocytoma, childhood

Treatment cn-105741 cn-205741

Brain cancer, medulloblastoma, childhood

Treatment cn-100048 cn-200048

Brain cancer, supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal

and pineal tumors, childhood

Treatment cn-104028 cn-204028

Brain cancer, visual pathway glioma, childhood

Treatment cn-100842 cn-200842

Brain cancer, primary central nervous system lymphoma

Treatment cn-104272

Brain stem glioma, childhood

Treatment cn-100362 cn-200362

Breast cancer

Treatment cn-100013 cn-200013

Screening cn-304723 cn-504723

Prevention cn-304730 cn-504730

Breast cancer and pregnancy

Treatment cn-105380

Breast cancer, in men

Treatment cn-104410

Carcinoid tumor, gastrointestinal

Treatment cn-101064 cn-201064

Carcinoma of unknown primary

Treatment cn-103331 cn-203331

Cervical cancer

Treatment cn-100103 cn-200103

Screening cn-304728 cn-504728

Prevention cn-304734

Colon cancer

Treatment cn-100008 cn-200008

Screening cn-304726 cn-504726

Prevention cn-304731 cn-504731

Endometrial cancer

Treatment cn-101176 cn-201176

Screening cn-306677

Esophageal cancer

Treatment cn-100089 cn-200089

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Extragonadal germ cell tumors

Treatment cn-103773

Extrahepatic bile duct cancer

Treatment cn-101191 cn-201191

Ewing's sarcoma/primitive neuroepithelial tumor

Treatment cn-100021 cn-200021

Eye, intraocular melanoma

Treatment cn-101279 cn-201279

Eye, retinoblastoma

Treatment cn-100993 cn-200993

Gallbladder cancer

Treatment cn-101186 cn-201186

Gastric cancer

Treatment cn-100025 cn-200025

Screening cn-304880 cn-504880

Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor

Treatment cn-101064 cn-201064

Genetic testing for cancer

Screening cn-306287

Germ cell tumors, extragonadal

Treatment cn-103773

Germ cell tumors, ovarian

Treatment cn-103125 cn-203125

Germ cell tumors, testicular

Treatment cn-101121 cn-201121

Gestational trophoblastic tumor

Treatment cn-101163 cn-201163

Hodgkin's disease, adult

Treatment cn-100003 cn-200003

Hodgkin's disease, childhood

Treatment cn-103043 cn-203043

Hodgkin's disease during pregnancy

Treatment cn-105289

Hypopharyngeal cancer

Treatment cn-101500 cn-201500

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Intraocular melanoma

Treatment cn-101279 cn-201279

Islet cell cancer

Treatment cn-100790 cn-200790

Kaposi's sarcoma

Treatment cn-101271 cn-201271

Laryngeal cancer

Treatment cn-101519 cn-201519

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Leukemia, acute lymphocytic, adult

Treatment cn-101024 cn-201024

Leukemia, acute myeloid, adult

Treatment cn-101029 cn-201029

Leukemia, acute lymphocytic, childhood

Treatment cn-100026 cn-200026

Leukemia, acute myeloid, childhood

Treatment cn-101081 cn-201081

Leukemia, chronic lymphocytic

Treatment cn-101003 cn-201003

Leukemia, chronic myelogenous

Treatment cn-101031 cn-201031

Leukemia, hairy cell

Treatment cn-101651 cn-201651

Lip and oral cavity cancer

Treatment cn-102840 cn-202840

Screening cn-304725 cn-504725

Liver cancer, adult primary

Treatment cn-101195 cn-201195

Liver cancer, childhood

Treatment cn-100963 cn-200963

Liver cancer, metastatic to (liver metastases)

Treatment cn-103856

Lung cancer, non-small cell

Treatment cn-100039 cn-200039

Lung cancer, small cell

Treatment cn-100040 cn-200040

Lymphoma, AIDS-related

Treatment cn-103779 cn-203779

Lymphoma, cutaneous T-cell

Treatment cn-100098 cn-200098

Lymphoma, Hodgkin's, adult

Treatment cn-100003 cn-200003

Lymphoma, Hodgkin's, childhood

Treatment cn-103043 cn-203043

Lymphoma, Hodgkin's, during pregnancy

Treatment cn-105289

Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's, adult

Treatment cn-100066 cn-200066

Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's, childhood

Treatment cn-100915 cn-200915

Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's, during pregnancy

Treatment cn-106459

Lymphoma, primary central nervous system

Treatment cn-104272

Melanoma, cutaneous

Treatment cn-101302 cn-201302

Prevention cn-304733 cn-504733

Melanoma, intraocular

Treatment cn-101279 cn-201279


Treatment cn-101071 cn-201071

Metastatic cancer, to bone

Treatment cn-103857

Metastatic cancer, to brain

Treatment cn-103854

Metastatic cancer, to leptomeninges

Treatment cn-103859

Metastatic cancer, to liver

Treatment cn-103856

Metastatic cancer, to lung

Treatment cn-103855

Metastatic cancer, malignant ascites

Treatment cn-103862

Metastatic cancer, malignant pericardial effusion

Treatment cn-103860

Metastatic cancer, malignant pleural effusion

Treatment cn-103861

Metastatic cancer, squamous neck with occult primary

Treatment cn-101454 cn-201454

Multiple myeloma (plasma cell neoplasm)

Treatment cn-100281 cn-200281

Mycosis fungoides (lymphoma, cutaneous T-cell)

Treatment cn-100098 cn-200098

Myelodysplastic syndrome

Treatment cn-102495 cn-202495

Myeloproliferative disorders

Treatment cn-101983 cn-201983

Nasal cavity cancer, paranasal sinus and

Treatment cn-102892 cn-202892

Nasopharyngeal cancer

Treatment cn-101402 cn-201402

Neck Cancer, metastatic squamous with occult primary

Treatment cn-101454 cn-201454


Treatment cn-100530 cn-200530

Screening cn-306393

Occult primary, squamous, metastatic to neck

Treatment cn-101454 cn-201454

Occult primary (carcinoma of unknown primary)

Treatment cn-103331 cn-203331

Oral cavity cancer (lip and oral cavity cancer)

Treatment cn-102840 cn-202840

Screening cn-304725 cn-504725

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Oropharyngeal cancer

Treatment cn-101521 cn-201521

Screening cn-304725 cn-504725

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233


Treatment cn-100049 cn-200049

Ovarian epithelial cancer

Treatment cn-100950 cn-200950

Screening cn-305145 cn-505145

Prevention cn-305375

Ovarian germ cell

Treatment cn-103125 cn-203125

Ovarian low malignant potential

Treatment cn-104155

Screening cn-305145 cn-505145

Prevention cn-305375

Pancreatic cancer, exocrine

Treatment cn-100046 cn-200046

Pancreatic cancer, endocrine (Islet Cell Carcinoma)

Treatment cn-100790 cn-200790

Paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer

Treatment cn-102892 cn-202892

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Parathyroid cancer

Treatment cn-100541 cn-200541

Penile cancer

Treatment cn-101082 cn-201082


Treatment cn-102494 cn-202494

Pituitary tumors

Treatment cn-101273 cn-201273

Plasma cell neoplasm

Treatment cn-100281 cn-200281

Polycythemia vera (Myeloproliferative disorders)

Treatment cn-101983 cn-201983

Pregnancy and breast cancer

Treatment cn-105380

Pregnancy, Hodgkin's disease during

Treatment cn-105289

Pregnancy, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma during

Treatment cn-106459

Prevention of cancer

Prevention cn-304750

Prostate cancer

Treatment cn-101229 cn-201229

Screening cn-304727 cn-504727

Rectal cancer

Treatment cn-100076 cn-200076

Screening cn-304726 cn-504726

Prevention cn-304731 cn-504731

Renal cell cancer

Treatment cn-101070 cn-201070

Renal pelvis, transitional cell cancer

Treatment cn-103364 cn-203364


Treatment cn-100993 cn-200993

Salivary gland cancer

Treatment cn-101455 cn-201455

Prevention cn-305233 cn-505233

Sarcoma, Ewing's/primitive neuroepithelial tumor

Treatment cn-100021 cn-200021

Sarcoma, Kaposi's

Treatment cn-101271 cn-201271

Sarcoma, osteo (osteosarcoma)

Treatment cn-100049 cn-200049

Sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, childhood

Treatment cn-100759 cn-200759

Sarcoma, soft tissue, adult

Treatment cn-100921 cn-200921

Sarcoma, soft tissue, childhood

Treatment cn-103085 cn-203085

Screening, overview

Screening cn-303092

Sezary syndrome (lymphoma, cutaneous) cn-100098 cn-200098

Skin cancer, melanoma

Treatment cn-101302 cn-201302

Screening cn-304724 cn-504724

Prevention cn-304733 cn-504733

Skin cancer, non-melanoma

Treatment cn-101228 cn-201228

Screening cn-304724 cn-504724

Prevention cn-304733 cn-504733

Skin cancer, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Treatment cn-100098 cn-200098

Small intestine cancer

Treatment cn-101175 cn-201175

Stomach cancer (gastric cancer)

Treatment cn-100025 cn-200025

Screening cn-304880 cn-504880

Testicular cancer

Treatment cn-101121 cn-201121

Screening cn-304729


Treatment cn-101248 cn-201248

Thyroid cancer

Treatment cn-101252 cn-201252

Transitional cell cancer, renal pelvis and ureter

Treatment cn-103364 cn-203364

Unknown primary, carcinoma of

Treatment cn-103331 cn-203331

Ureter, transitional cell cancer of

Treatment cn-103364 cn-203364

Urethral cancer

Treatment cn-101623 cn-201623

Uterine cancer, endometrial

Treatment cn-101176 cn-201176

Screening cn-306677

Uterine cancer, sarcoma

Treatment cn-103371 cn-203371

Vaginal cancer

Treatment cn-101055 cn-201055

Vulvar cancer

Treatment cn-101038 cn-201038

Wilms' tumor

Treatment cn-100719 cn-200719



OTHER PDQ TOPICS Professional Patient


 Supportive Care Topics

 Anxiety disorders cn-305966 cn-505966

Constipation, impaction, and bowel obstruction cn-303510 cn-503510

Delirium cn-305472

Depression cn-305992 cn-505992

Fatigue cn-304461 cn-504461

Fever, chills, and sweats cn-302327

Hypercalcemia cn-304462 cn-504462

Lymphedema cn-300442 cn-500442

Nausea and vomiting cn-304466 cn-504466

Nutrition cn-304467 cn-504467

Oral complications secondary to cancer therapy cn-302904

Pain cn-304470

Post-traumatic stress disorders cn-306317

Pruritus cn-300609 cn-500609

Radiation enteritis cn-304093

Skin integrity changes secondary to cutaneous

metastases cn-304277

Sleep Disorders cn-304282 cn-504282

Suicide (cancer and) cn-305546 cn-505546

Superior vena cava syndrome cn-304708

Transitional care planning cn-305471 cn-505471

 ** Clinical Trials, For Evaluation of Published Clinical Results **

 Clinical trials, design of (for patients) cn-203900

Clinical trials, design of (for health professionals) cn-303901

Levels of evidence: explanation in therapeutics studies cn-902570


** News Bulletins, Press Releases, and Fact Sheets **


 The following is a listing of Fact Sheets, News Bulletins, and Press Releases

available on CancerMail. Items are written and updated by staff in the NCI's

Office of Cancer Communications and the International Cancer Information

Center. See the file "Changes to CancerMail" (cn-400000) for information on

items that were changed, added, or withdrawn with the last update.




** New This Month **

 Application for inclusion in genetic counselor directory cn-400020

Prostate cancer research at the National Cancer Institute cn-400226

 ** About PDQ and Other Information Resources **

 Application for inclusion in genetic counselor directory cn-400020

Cancer Information Service (U.S.): 1-800-4-CANCER Q & A cn-600025

Cancer Information Services, International cn-600299

Cancer information Sources, general cn-600021

CANCERLIT, distributors of cn-400006

CancerFax service, about cn-400031

CancerMail service, about cn-400004

CancerMail service, redistributors of cn-400030

Databases, PDQ and CANCERLIT, general information on distributors cn-400005

Information Associates Program, Q & A cn-600027

PDQ, about cn-400001

PDQ, changes made to summaries with the most recent update cn-405001

PDQ, citations about cn-400013

PDQ directory, application for physician listing cn-400015

PDQ directory, Q & A cn-400011

PDQ, distributors of cn-400003

PDQ, Editorial Boards -- general information cn-400016

PDQ, protocol submission checklist cn-400012

PDQ, Q & A cn-600022

PDQ Search Service (Q & A) cn-600026

PDQ, submitting clinical trials to, Q & A cn-400010

PDQ, User Guide (Part I of II) cn-400050

PDQ, User Guide (Part II of II) cn-400051

 ** Information About Selected Ongoing Clinical Trials **

 Breast cancer BMT trials encourage accrual cn-400019

Breast Cancer Prevention Trial, Q & A cn-600041

Clinical trials on World Wide Web, NCI and patient advocates

launch partnership cn-600115

DoD/NCI cancer treatment clinical trials demonstration, Q & A cn-600118

Group C protocol, general information cn-400014

NCI/Department of Defense Cancer Treatment Clinical Trials

Demonstration Project cn-600113

NCI high priority clinical trials cn-400007

NCI Surgical Oncology Branch high priority clinical trials cn-400081

Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, recruitment completed cn-600047

Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, Q & A (English) cn-600048

 ** Information About NCI/NIH Programs **

 Cancer centers for children and adolescents, Q & A cn-600121

Cancer centers program, NCI cn-600012

Cancer death rates decline for the first time ever cn-600116

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project cn-400204

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project, questions and answers about the cn-400205

Community Clinical Oncology Program, NCI cn-600013

Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program, NCI cn-600014

Funding, NCI's for cancer research cn-600011

Health plans agree to cover costs of NCI cooperative group trials cn-400211

Information telephone numbers, sponsored by NIH (toll-free and non) cn-400034

NCI and University of Alabama-Huntsville to conduct breast

cancer study, offer screening exams in Triana, Ala. cn-400224

NCI and VA make it easier for veterans to enter studies,

get advanced care for cancer cn-600117

NCI announces initiative with Ortho Biotech for cancer

survivor issues cn-400214

NCI launches education campaign on mammography and

breast cancer risk cn-400219

NCI selects first members of new Director's Consumer Liaison Group cn-400220

New biotechnology product has its origins in NCI laboratory cn-400225

Office of Cancer Survivorship awards money for 20 new studies cn-400221

Prostate cancer research at the National Cancer Institute cn-400226

Publications distribution policy, NCI's cn-600120

Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) cancer

statistics review cn-600110

The 1971 National Cancer Act: investment in the future cn-400222

Theories, NCI handling of cn-600019

 ** Cancer Risk Factors and Possible Causes **

 Abnormal moles found to increase risk of melanoma cn-600359

Abortion and breast cancer cn-600353

Agent Orange, Q & A cn-600322

Amines (heterocyclic) in cooked meats cn-600325

Asbestos exposure, Q & A cn-600321

AZT, NCI scientists publish data on transplacental

tumorigenicity of cn-400218

BRCA1, 185delAG alteration: what does this mean to Jewish women? cn-400120

Breast cancer gene alterations in Jewish community,

cancer risk from cn-600360

Breast cancer, known risk factors for cn-600351

Breast cancer mortality, geographic differences in: known

factors explain some of the disparity cn-600356

Breast cancer treatment study and secondary leukemia risk cn-600340

Calcium channel blockers and breast cancer risk, NIH statement on cn-400215

Cancer clusters cn-600358

Cancer risk in Ashkanazi Jews, Q & A for estimating cn-600361

Carcinogenesis studies, highlights of NCI's cn-600328

Carcinogenicity, tests for cn-600032

Coffee (decaffeinated) and cancer cn-600316

Data from Iodine-131 Fallout Study now available cn-400213

DDT and breast cancer cn-600335

DES, Q & A cn-600034

Electromagnetic field exposure & cancer studies at the NCI cn-600346

Environmental exposures and risk of breast cancer, studies

underway cn-600327

Environmental factors and risk of breast cancer:

Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic study cn-600334

Estrogen replacement therapy in women treated for uterine cancer

Q & A about study of cn-600627

Fallout report, Q & A about NCI cn-400212

Family cancer syndrome tied to gene defect cn-600324

Fertility drugs, as a risk factor for ovarian cancer cn-600036

Fluoridated water cn-600315

Food additives cn-600037

Formaldehyde cn-600038

Genetic testing for breast cancer risk: It's your choice cn-600362

Hair coloring products, personal use of cn-600332

Hormone replacement therapy during menopause cn-600310

Kidney cancer gene isolated cn-600337

National dietary recommendations, U.S. children failing to meet cn-400209

Nitrate in drinking water and risk for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cn-600355

Nuclear facilities and mortality risk cn-600311

Oral contraceptives and cancer risk cn-600313

Pesticides, occupational risk of cancer from, based on

farmer studies cn-600312

Psychological stress and cancer cn-600317

Radon and cancer, Q & A cn-600352

Smoke (passive), Food service workers and teens most at risk from cn-400216

Smoking cessation services, questions and answers about finding cn-600087

Smoking may be a risk factor in post menopausal women

with mutations in detoxifying enzyme cn-600357

Sweeteners, artificial cn-600319

Tamoxifen and possible GI risk, data from Swedish

study published cn-600347

Tobacco, cigarette smoking and lung cancer facts: among men

and women of different races and ethnic groups cn-600623

Tobacco smoke, environmental cn-600039

Tobacco, smokeless, as a substitution for cigarettes cn-600339

Tobacco, smoking and cancer cn-600314

Tobacco, smoking, results of community effort to enhance

cigarette smokers quit rates (COMMIT) cn-600344

Vasectomy and risk for prostate cancer cn-600326

Viruses and cancer cn-600330

Viruses, human papillomaviruses (HPV) cn-600320

 ** Cancer Prevention **

 Beta Carotene Chemoprevention Trials, Q & A cn-600413

Chemoprevention cn-600042

Green tea and protection against esophageal cancer cn-600411

Prevention and control programs, highlights of NCI's cn-600045

Selenium supplements lower incidence of lung, colorectal, and

prostate cancers cn-600414

 ** Cancer Incidence/Detection/Diagnosis **

 ALTS, Q & A cn-600525

Breast cancer and mammography facts cn-600629

Breast cancer detection, research to improve methods of cn-600514

Breast cancer, lifetime probability of, in American women cn-600056

Cancer death rate declined for the first time ever in the 1990s cn-600116

Cervical cancer screening, national study of abnormal Pap

tests in cn-600526

Computed tomography cn-600052

Fecal occult blood test, Q & A cn-600515

Interpreting laboratory test results cn-600527

Minorities, NCI reports cancer incidence and mortality rates for cn-600114

Pap smear, Q & A cn-600516

Prostate cancer, among different races and ethnic groups cn-600624

Prostate cancer (early), Q & A cn-600523

Prostate cancer incidence and mortality, recent trends in cn-600630

Prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian (PLCO) screening trial,

questions and answers about cn-600512

Screening mammography cn-600528

Tumor grade cn-600059

Tumor markers cn-600518

 ** Cancer Sites/Types **

 Bone cancer, Q & A cn-600626

Breast cancer death rate, NCI reports improvement in cn-600625

Breast cancer, inflammatory cn-600062

Breast cancer, overview of NCI's research and programs cn-600615

Breast cancer survival, racial differences in cn-600610

Cancer, Q & A cn-600067

Liver cancer, Q & A cn-600628

Merkel cell cancer cn-600611

Metastatic cancer, Q & A cn-600620

Mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome cn-600063

Prostate cancer cn-400217

Prostate cancer, NCI seeks answers on cn-600066

Sarcomas, soft tissue, Q & A cn-600612

Sarcoma, synovial cn-600061

Thyroid cancer, Q & A cn-600631

Unknown primary, cancer of (CUP) cn-600619

Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia cn-600064

 ** Cancer Therapy **

 Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer, Q & A cn-600720

Biologic therapies: using the immune system to fight cancer cn-600072

Breast cancer, patients needed for clinical trials to evaluate

new treatment cn-600713

Cryosurgery, Q & A cn-600734

Drug sensitivity testing, in vivo cn-600717

Gene therapy, Q & A cn-600718

Hydrazine sulfate, NCI studies of cn-600739

Hyperthermia cn-600073

Immunity to cancer, NCI scientists transfer to bone marrow

recipient cn-600735

Lasers cn-600078

Radiotherapy cn-600071

Mastectomy, preventive cn-600075

Natural Products Branch (NCI), Q & A cn-600733

Paclitaxel (Taxol-R) and related anticancer drugs cn-600715

Photodynamic therapy cn-600077

Stem cell transplant following high-dose chemotherapy for the

treatment of breast cancer cn-600736

Stem cell transplant, NCI launches study of high-dose chemotherapy

with stem cell transplant for treatment of ovarian cancer cn-600738

Tamoxifen, Q & A cn-600716

**Tamoxifen, adjuvant therapy with, for breast cancer -

Clinical Announcement cn-400122

Topotecan (Hycamtin), FDA approves for ovarian cancer cn-600737

Vitamin C cn-600074

 ** Rehabilitation **

 Financial assistance cn-600083

Home care for cancer patients cn-600085

Hospice cn-600086

Marijuana for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting cn-600084

Organizations offering services for people with cancer cn-600081

Psychosocial support for cancer patients recognized, importance of cn-600119

Statistics/Prognosis cn-600082

Questions & answers about cancer support groups cn-600088

 ** Unconventional Therapies **

 Antineoplastons, NCI-sponsored clinical trials cn-600091

Burton, Dr. Lawrence cn-600098

Cancell cn-600913

Fundraising organizations, for cancer cn-600910

Gerson therapy cn-600097

Hariton-Tzannis Alivizatos/Greek cancer cure cn-600092

Holistic medicine cn-600099

Laetrile cn-600093

Livingston-Wheeler, Virginia cn-600911

Koch synthetic antitoxins (malonide, glyoxylide, and

parabenzoquinone) cn-600095

Kreblozen cn-600096

Manner, Dr. Harold cn-600094

Unconventional methods of cancer therapy, overview cn-600912

 ** Miscellaneous **

 Researchers find first gene linked to leading cause of blindness cn-400210

Scientists report new clues on how HIV enters human body cn-400223




 Publication Ordering Information

 Community outreach and health professional publications

from the NCI cn-400017

Measures of Progress Against Cancer cn-400058

Monograph, Breast Cancer in Younger Women cn-400066

Monograph, Cancer Research in Hispanic Populations in the U.S. cn-400066

Monograph, Consensus Conference on Cervical Cancer cn-400066

Monograph, Consensus Conference on Breast Cancer Screening for

Women Ages 40-49 cn-400066

Monograph, Economic Outcome Measures, Integration into

NCI-sponsored Therapeutic Trials (NCI Economic Conference) cn-400066

Monograph, Hereditary Breast, Ovarian, and Colon Cancer cn-400066

Monograph, Proceedings of the Second NCI Workshop on Taxol

and Taxus cn-400066

Monograph, Quality of Life in Clinical Trials cn-400066

Monograph, Sowing Seeds in the Mountains (Cancer in Appalachia) cn-400107

Patient and public education publications from the NCI cn-400002

 Full-Text Publications

 Bone Marrow Transplantation and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell

Transplantation cn-400110

Chemotherapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help During Treatment cn-400064

Clearing the Air: How to Quit...and Quit for Keeps cn-400108

Down Home Healthy: Family Recipes of Black American Chefs cn-400055

Get Relief from Cancer Pain cn-400065

Leukemia: Research Report cn-400113

National Cancer Program: Pathways to Progress cn-400083

Smoking: Facts and Tips for Quitting cn-400111

Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer and People

Who Care About Them cn-400062

Warren Grant Magnusen Clinical Trial Center, Q & A cn-400114

What Are Clinical Trials All About? A Booklet for Patients with

Cancer cn-400109

 CANCERLIT Citations and Abstracts

 The following list gives the topic for which citations and abstracts have been

extracted from the CANCERLIT database. For each topic, CancerMail contains

relevant citations and abstracts added to CANCERLIT during the past 6 monthly

updates. The citations added for each month are in a separate file. The

February 1998 citations and abstracts will be available on or after February

16, 1998.


TOPIC Year Month CancerMail ID


 Adrenocortical carcinoma 1998 February cn-707120

1998 January cn-701120

1997 December cn-712120

1997 November cn-711120

1997 October cn-710120

1997 September cn-709120

1997 August cn-708120

 AIDS-related Kaposi's Sarcoma 1998 February cn-702001

1998 January cn-701001

1997 December cn-712001

1997 November cn-711001

1997 October cn-710001

1997 September cn-709001

1997 August cn-708001

 AIDS-related lymphoma 1998 February cn-702005

1998 January cn-701005

1997 December cn-712005

1997 November cn-711005

1997 October cn-710005

1997 September cn-709005

1997 August cn-708005

 Anal cancer 1998 February cn-702030

1998 January cn-701030

1997 December cn-712030

1997 November cn-711030

1997 October cn-710030

1997 September cn-709030

1997 August cn-708030

 Ataxia telangiectasia 1998 February cn-702712

1998 January cn-701712

1997 December cn-712712

1997 November cn-711712

1997 October cn-710712

 Basal cell nevus syndrome 1998 February cn-702713

1998 January cn-701713

1997 December cn-712713

1997 November cn-711713

1997 October cn-710713

 Bile duct and gallbladder cancer 1998 Febraury cn-702055

1998 January cn-701055

1997 December cn-712055

1997 November cn-711055

1997 October cn-710055

1997 September cn-709055

1997 August cn-708055

 Bladder, dx, histo, and path* 1998 February cn-702430

1998 January cn-701430

1997 December cn-712430

1997 November cn-711430

1997 October cn-710430

1997 September cn-709430

1997 August cn-708430

 Bladder, therapy of 1998 February cn-702431

1998 January cn-701431

1997 December cn-712431

1997 November cn-711431

1997 October cn-710431

1997 September cn-709431

1997 August cn-708431

 Brain (primary), dx, hist, and path* 1998 February cn-702550

1998 January cn-701550

1997 December cn-712550

1997 November cn-711550

1997 October cn-710550

1997 September cn-709550

1997 August cn-708550



Brain (primary), therapy of 1998 February cn-702551

1998 January cn-701551

1997 December cn-712551

1997 November cn-711551

1997 October cn-710551

1997 September cn-709551

1997 August cn-708551



Breast cancer, chemotherapy for 1998 February cn-702010

1998 January cn-701010

1997 December cn-712010

1997 November cn-711010

1997 October cn-710010

1997 September cn-709010

1997 August cn-708010



Breast cancer, hereditary 1998 February cn-702714

1998 January cn-701714

1997 December cn-712714

1997 November cn-711714

1997 October cn-710714



Breast cancer, radiotherapy for 1998 February cn-702012

1998 January cn-701012

1997 December cn-712012

1997 November cn-711012

1997 October cn-710012

1997 September cn-709012

1997 August cn-708012



Breast cancer, screening and prevention 1998 February cn-702015

1998 January cn-701015

1997 December cn-712015

1997 November cn-711015

1997 October cn-710015

1997 September cn-709015

1997 August cn-708015



Breast cancer, surgery for 1998 February cn-702011

1998 January cn-701011

1997 December cn-712011

1997 November cn-711011

1997 October cn-710011

1997 September cn-709011

1997 August cn-708011



BRCA1 1998 February cn-702715

1998 January cn-701715

1997 December cn-712715

1997 November cn-711715

1997 October cn-710715



Carcinoid tumor, gastrointestinal 1998 February cn-702075

1998 January cn-701075

1997 December cn-712075

1997 November cn-711075

1997 October cn-710075

1997 September cn-709075

1997 August cn-708075



Cervical cancer, dx, histo, and path* 1998 February cn-702180

1998 January cn-701180

1997 December cn-712180

1997 November cn-711180

1997 October cn-710180

1997 September cn-709180

1997 August cn-708180



Cervical cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702181

1998 January cn-701181

1997 December cn-712181

1997 November cn-711181

1997 October cn-710181

1997 September cn-709181

1997 August cn-708181



Colon cancer, hereditary, non-polyposis 1998 February cn-702721

1998 January cn-701721

1997 December cn-712721

1997 November cn-711721

1997 October cn-710721



Colorectal cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702036

1998 January cn-701036

1997 December cn-712036

1997 November cn-711036

1997 October cn-710036

1997 September cn-709036

1997 August cn-708036



Endometrial cancer 1998 February cn-702190

1998 January cn-701190

1997 December cn-712190

1997 November cn-711190

1997 October cn-710190

1997 September cn-709190

1997 August cn-708190



Esophageal cancer 1998 February cn-702045

1998 January cn-701045

1997 December cn-712045

1997 November cn-711045

1997 October cn-710045

1997 September cn-709045

1997 August cn-708045



Eye, melanoma, intraocular 1998 February cn-702170

1998 January cn-701170

1997 December cn-712170

1997 November cn-711170

1997 October cn-710170

1997 September cn-709170

1997 August cn-708170




Eye, retinoblastoma 1998 February cn-702175

1998 January cn-701175

1997 December cn-712175

1997 November cn-711175

1997 October cn-710175

1997 September cn-709175

1997 August cn-708175



Eye, retinoblastoma gene (RB) 1998 February cn-702724

1998 January cn-701724

1997 December cn-712724

1997 November cn-711724

1997 October cn-710724



Eye, retinoblastoma, hereditary 1998 February cn-702723

1998 January cn-701723

1997 December cn-712723

1997 November cn-711723

1997 October cn-710723



Familial adenomatous polyposis 1998 February cn-702716

1998 January cn-701716

1997 December cn-712716

1997 November cn-711716

1997 October cn-710716



Gastric cancer, dx, histo, and path* 1998 February cn-702065

1998 January cn-701065

1997 December cn-712065

1997 November cn-711065

1997 October cn-710065

1997 September cn-709065

1997 August cn-708065



Gastric cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702066

1998 January cn-701066

1997 December cn-712066

1997 November cn-711066

1997 October cn-710066

1997 September cn-709066

1997 August cn-708066



Gastrointestinal cancer, screening and prevention 1998 February cn-702025

1998 January cn-701025

1997 December cn-712025

1997 November cn-711025

1997 October cn-710025

1997 September cn-709025

1997 August cn-708025



Genetic counseling and screening 1998 February cn-702711

1998 January cn-701711

1997 December cn-712711

1997 November cn-711711

1997 October cn-710711



Gestational trophoblastic tumor 1998 February cn-702200

1998 January cn-701200

1997 December cn-712200

1997 November cn-711200

1997 October cn-710200

1997 September cn-709200

1997 August cn-708200



Gynecologic, screening and prevention 1998 February cn-702185

1998 January cn-701185

1997 December cn-712185

1997 November cn-711185

1997 October cn-710185

1997 September cn-709185

1997 August cn-708185



Islet cell carcinoma 1998 February cn-702130

1998 January cn-701130

1997 December cn-712130

1997 November cn-711130

1997 October cn-710130

1997 September cn-709130

1997 August cn-708130



Kidney (renal cell) cancer 1998 February cn-702440

1998 January cn-701440

1997 December cn-712440

1997 November cn-711440

1997 October cn-710440

1997 September cn-709440

1997 August cn-708440



Laryngeal cancer 1998 February cn-702255

1998 January cn-701255

1997 December cn-712255

1997 November cn-711255

1997 October cn-710255

1997 September cn-709255

1997 August cn-708255



Leukemia, acute lymphocytic, therapy of 1998 February cn-702291

1998 January cn-701291

1997 December cn-712291

1997 November cn-711291

1997 October cn-710291

1997 September cn-709291

1997 August cn-708291



Leukemia, acute lymphocytic, dx, hist, and path* 1998 February cn-702290

1998 January cn-701290

1997 December cn-712290

1997 November cn-711290

1997 October cn-710290

1997 September cn-709290

1997 August cn-708290



Leukemia, acute myeloid, path* 1998 February cn-702300

1998 January cn-701300

1997 December cn-712300

1997 November cn-711300

1997 October cn-710300

1997 September cn-709300

1997 August cn-708300



Leukemia, acute myeloid, therapy of 1998 February cn-702301

1998 January cn-701301

1997 December cn-712301

1997 November cn-711301

1997 October cn-710301

1997 September cn-709301

1997 August cn-708301



Leukemia, chronic lymphocytic 1998 February cn-702330

1998 January cn-701330

1997 December cn-712330

1997 November cn-711330

1997 October cn-710330

1997 September cn-709330

1997 August cn-708330



Leukemia, chronic myelogenous 1998 February cn-702340

1998 January cn-701340

1997 December cn-712340

1997 November cn-711340

1997 October cn-710340

1997 September cn-709340

1997 August cn-708340




Leukemia, hairy cell 1998 February cn-702350

1998 January cn-701350

1997 December cn-712350

1997 November cn-711350

1997 October cn-710350

1997 September cn-709350

1997 August cn-708350



Li-Fraumeni syndrome 1998 February cn-702701

1998 January cn-701701

1997 December cn-712701

1997 November cn-711701

1997 October cn-710701



Liver cancer, dx, hist, and path* 1998 February cn-702080

1998 January cn-701080

1997 December cn-712080

1997 November cn-711080

1997 October cn-710080

1997 September cn-709080

1997 August cn-708080



Liver cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702081

1998 January cn-701081

1997 December cn-712081

1997 November cn-711081

1997 October cn-710081

1997 September cn-709081

1997 August cn-708081



Lung, non-small cell, chemotherapy for 1998 February cn-702581

1998 January cn-701581

1997 December cn-712581



Lung, non-small cell, radiation & surgery for 1998 February cn-702582

1998 January cn-701582

1997 December cn-712582



Lung, small cell 1998 February cn-702590

1998 January cn-701590

1997 December cn-712590

1997 November cn-711590

1997 October cn-710590

1997 September cn-709590

1997 August cn-708590



Lymphoma, cutaneous T-cell 1998 February cn-702400

1998 January cn-701400

1997 December cn-712400

1997 November cn-711400

1997 October cn-710400

1997 September cn-709400

1997 August cn-708400



Lymphoma, Hodgkin's 1998 February cn-702360

1998 January cn-701360

1997 December cn-712360

1997 November cn-711360

1997 October cn-710360

1997 September cn-709360

1997 August cn-708360



Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's, therapy of 1998 February cn-702371

1998 January cn-701371

1997 December cn-712371

1997 November cn-711371

1997 October cn-710371

1997 September cn-709371

1997 August cn-708371



Melanoma, hereditary 1998 February cn-702170

1998 January cn-701170

1997 December cn-712705

1997 November cn-711705

1997 October cn-710705



Melanoma, intraocular 1998 February cn-702170

1998 January cn-701170

1997 December cn-712170

1997 November cn-711170

1997 October cn-710170

1997 September cn-709170

1997 August cn-708170



Melanoma, skin, therapy of 1998 February cn-702570

1998 January cn-701570

1997 December cn-712570

1997 November cn-711570

1997 October cn-710570

1997 September cn-709570

1997 August cn-708570



Mesothelioma 1998 February cn-702600

1998 January cn-701600

1997 December cn-712600

1997 November cn-711600

1997 October cn-710600

1997 September cn-709600

1997 August cn-708600



Mouth cancer 1998 February cn-702275

1998 January cn-701275

1997 December cn-712275

1997 November cn-711275

1997 October cn-710275

1997 September cn-709275

1997 August cn-708275



Myeloproliferative disorders 1998 February cn-702415

1998 January cn-701415

1997 December cn-712415

1997 November cn-711415

1997 October cn-710415

1997 September cn-709415

1997 August cn-708415



Neuroblastoma 1998 February cn-702560

1998 January cn-701560

1997 December cn-712560

1997 November cn-711560

1997 October cn-710560

1997 September cn-709560

1997 August cn-708560



Neurofibromatosis 1 and 2 1998 February cn-702720

1998 January cn-701720

1997 December cn-712720

1997 November cn-711720

1997 October cn-710720



Ovarian cancer, dx, hist, and path* 1998 February cn-702210

1998 January cn-701210

1997 December cn-712210

1997 November cn-711210

1997 October cn-710210

1997 September cn-709210

1997 August cn-708210



Ovarian cancer, hereditary 1998 February cn-702709

1998 January cn-701709

1997 December cn-712709

1997 November cn-711709

1997 October cn-710709



Ovarian cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702211

1998 January cn-701211

1997 December cn-712211

1997 November cn-711211

1997 October cn-710211

1997 September cn-709211

1997 August cn-708211



Pancreatic cancer, dx, hist, and path* 1998 February cn-702095

1998 January cn-701095

1997 December cn-712095

1997 November cn-711095

1997 October cn-710095

1997 September cn-709095

1997 August cn-708095



Pancreatic cancer, therapy of 1998 February cn-702096

1998 January cn-701096

1997 December cn-712096

1997 November cn-711096

1997 October cn-710096

1997 September cn-709096

1997 August cn-708096



Paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer 1998 February cn-702265

1998 January cn-701265

1997 December cn-712265

1997 November cn-711265

1997 October cn-710265

1997 September cn-709265

1997 August cn-708265



Parathyroid cancer 1998 February cn-702140

1998 January cn-701140

1997 December cn-712140

1997 November cn-711140

1997 October cn-710140

1997 September cn-709140

1997 August cn-708140



Pharyngeal cancer 1998 February cn-702280

1998 January cn-701280

1997 December cn-712280

1997 November cn-711280

1997 October cn-710280

1997 September cn-709280

1997 August cn-708280



Penile cancer 1998 February cn-702460

1998 January cn-701460

1997 December cn-712460

1997 November cn-711460

1997 October cn-710460

1997 September cn-709460

1997 August cn-708460



Pheochromocytoma 1998 February cn-702145

1998 January cn-701145

1997 December cn-712145

1997 November cn-711145

1997 October cn-710145

1997 September cn-709145

1997 August cn-708145



Pituitary tumors 1998 February cn-702150

1998 January cn-701150

1997 December cn-712150

1997 November cn-711150

1997 October cn-710150

1997 September cn-709150

1997 August cn-708150



Plasma cell neoplasms 1998 February cn-702420

1998 January cn-701420

1997 December cn-712420

1997 November cn-711420

1997 October cn-710420

1997 September cn-709420

1997 August cn-708420



Prostate cancer, hereditary 1998 February cn-702722

1998 January cn-701722

1997 December cn-712722

1997 November cn-711722

1997 October cn-710722


Prostate, therapy of 1998 February cn-702471

1998 January cn-701471

1997 December cn-712471

1997 November cn-711471

1997 October cn-710471

1997 September cn-709471

1997 August cn-708471



Salivary gland cancer 1998 February cn-702285

1998 January cn-701285

1997 December cn-712285

1997 November cn-711285

1997 October cn-710285

1997 September cn-709285

1997 August cn-708285



Sarcoma, soft tissue/rhabdomyosarcoma 1998 February cn-702520

1998 January cn-701520

1997 December cn-712520

1997 November cn-711520

1997 October cn-710520

1997 September cn-709520

1997 August cn-708520



Small intestine cancer 1998 February cn-702115

1998 January cn-701115

1997 December cn-712115

1997 November cn-711115

1997 October cn-710115

1997 September cn-709115

1997 August cn-708115



Testicular cancer 1998 February cn-702155

1998 January cn-701155

1997 December cn-712155

1997 November cn-711155

1997 October cn-710155

1997 September cn-709155

1997 August cn-708155



Thymoma 1998 February cn-702605

1998 January cn-701605

1997 December cn-712605

1997 November cn-711605

1997 October cn-710605

1997 September cn-709605

1997 August cn-708605



Thyroid cancer 1998 February cn-702165

1998 January cn-701165

1997 December cn-712165

1997 November cn-711165

1997 October cn-710165

1997 September cn-709165

1997 August cn-708165



Tuberous sclerosis 2 1998 February cn-702703

1998 January cn-701703

1997 December cn-712703

1997 November cn-711703

1997 October cn-710703



Urothelial tract cancer 1998 February cn-702445

1998 January cn-701445

1997 December cn-712445

1997 November cn-711445

1997 October cn-710445

1997 September cn-709445

1997 August cn-708445



Vaginal/Vulvar cancer 1998 February cn-702225

1998 January cn-701225

1997 December cn-712225

1997 November cn-711225

1997 October cn-710225

1997 September cn-709225

1997 August cn-708225



Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome 1998 February cn-702725

1998 January cn-701725

1997 December cn-712725

1997 November cn-711725

1997 October cn-710725



Wilms' tumor 1998 February cn-702455

1998 January cn-701455

1997 December cn-712455

1997 November cn-711455

1997 October cn-710455

1997 September cn-709455

1997 August cn-708455



Wilms' tumor, hereditary 1998 February cn-702726

1998 January cn-701726

1997 December cn-712726

1997 November cn-711726

1997 October cn-710726



Wilms' tumor gene (WT1) 1998 February cn-702727

1998 January cn-701727

1997 December cn-712727

1997 November cn-711727

1997 October cn-710727